[erlang-questions] Poll: How do you handle spurious messages?

Peer Stritzinger peerst@REDACTED
Wed Aug 6 16:55:26 CEST 2014

I'm interested in how you deal with spurious messages to your servers i.e.

          ... your important messages here ...
         Any ->    ???           % we don't want crud to acrete in the mailbox

Or in gen_server speak:  what goes into your catchall

   handle_info(_Info, State) ->  ???

Do you:

1. log the messages

    1a.) as info
    1b.) as warning
    1c.) as error

2. count them e.g. with folsom or similar -> then what do you do with 
the counts?

3. Ignore them without trace?

4. Crash the server (gasp)?

Did I forget something?

-- Peer

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