[erlang-questions] code:(un)stick_mod not documented ?

Sylvain Hash sylvain.hubsch@REDACTED
Mon Aug 4 13:01:59 CEST 2014

First post, hi list!

The code module exports (un)stick_dir and (un)stick_mod functions, but only the first is documented. So I did some tests with the second (v17.1) :
* when a module is sticked via stick_mod and I try to reload it, the error is the same as if it were sticked via stick_dir (error sticky_directory)
* (un)stick_mod do the job on the module itself (as it should), not entire directory

So my questions : is (un)stick_mod really supported ? I understand I should not use it because it is not documented, but why is it not documented as it (deprecated, do not use in your apps etc..) ? Is it an historical bug (the error message) which should be corrected before documented ?

Thank you for reading :)


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