[erlang-questions] Problematic SSL message publication

Ryan Brown ryankbrown@REDACTED
Tue Sep 24 23:57:31 CEST 2013

We have a fairly high-volume (28m+ messages/day) application that works,
essentially, as a pub-sub for many internal and external applications. We
are experiencing an issue under load where and subscribers that are using
ssl are experiencing a significant slowness in delivery. When we restart
the server we begin watching the processes in our application and we can,
very reliably and fairly quickly, see the ssl_manager_sup process message
queue start increasing in size. As this happens, all messages for those
subscribers with ssl endpoints begin to back-up and delivery slows to a
near halt.

It appears that ssl is a bit of a known issue within erlang. Or, at least,
a tricky use-case to perfect. Are there any known issues that we can
address in terms of configuration, best practices in setting-up ssl
connections or anything else for that matter we can be doing to resolve
this issue or more clearly identify the root cause? We're in active
troubleshooting mode and doing what we can to dig deeper including
dissecting the code to the kernel.

We are running Erlang 15B02 (64bit).

Best regards.

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