[erlang-questions] [ANN] myproto 0.2.0

Manuel A. Rubio "Bombadil" bombadil@REDACTED
Mon Sep 23 01:46:40 CEST 2013

Hi Max,

thanks to you, your enhancements are great! :-) I just merged them.

I'd like to do a benchmark, but by the moment, sysbench needs to have 
PREPARE implemented so, I've try it "by-hand" with a shell script:

My results were:

One process (in the for section):
  * MySQL real: 7-10 sec.
  * myproto:    ~50 sec.

16 threads:
  * MySQL real: ~10 sec.
  * myproto:    ~55 sec.

64 threads:
  * MySQL real: ~14 sec.
  * myproto:    ~60 sec.

I think I need to do better performance analysis in myproto to achieve 
better results :-P

Manuel Rubio.


for i in $(seq 1 10000); do
         DATA="$DATA SELECT 1;"
echo "SQL Generated!"

for i in $(seq 1 64); do
         echo $DATA | mysql -utest -ptest -h127.0.0.1 test &> /dev/null 
         echo "PID $PID launched!"
         PIDS="$PIDS $!"

wait $PIDS

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