[erlang-questions] better HTTP client?

Ingela Andin ingela.andin@REDACTED
Sun Sep 15 11:57:52 CEST 2013


On the branch http-client-cancel-request in my git repository I have
addressed the issues you reported on request cancellation and pipelining.
Alas it was not in time for R16B02 but will probably be merged to the maint
branch soon after ...


Of course it passes our tests but all extra testing of this is welcome.

Regards Ingela Erlang/OTP team - Ericsson AB

2013/9/9 Chris King <colanderman@REDACTED>

> Hi all,
> Due to various architectural bugs in the inets:httpc module (which I have
> reported) related to queueing multiple requests to a single server, I'm
> looking for a replacement for my application.
> The use case requires queuing many GET requests to a small number of
> servers; taking advantage of keep-alive/pipelining when available; and
> allowing outstanding unserviced requests to be canceled.  I don't care
> about streaming or writing to disk or any sort of upload capability.  Any
> suggestions or should I roll my own?
> (The work required to re-architect inets:httpc compared to writing a
> simple server that meets exactly my needs is too much for me right now.)
> Thanks,
> Chris
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