[erlang-questions] squeezing performance out of cowboy - how?

Alex Babkin ababkin@REDACTED
Sun Sep 8 23:14:50 CEST 2013


Was trying to load test my cowboy based websever with tsung and httperf,
and it seems like i'm unable to squeeze out more than 200 req/s from even
the rest_hello_world example app.

Are there any resources on how erlang/cowboy/linux should be configured for
optimal req/s numbers?

i tried ubuntu 12.04, 13.04
erlang vers R15B01, R16B01
cowboy master and 0.8
tried it on laptop (older macbook pro) and a powerful core7 blade

and still, get timeout errors in httperf or errors like below in tsung when
trying to pound the server with as low as 300 req/s:
stats: error_connect_eaddrinuse 1320 10836
stats: error_abort_max_conn_retries 378 378

also tried playing around with settings like these while starting the
server, with no apparent difference:
 +K true -smp enable +swt low +spp true +P 512000 -env ERL_MAX_PORTS 1000000

Thanks in advance
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