[erlang-questions] [ANN] CloudI 1.3.0 Released!

Michael Truog mjtruog@REDACTED
Sun Oct 20 00:25:05 CEST 2013

Download 1.3.0 from http://sourceforge.net/projects/cloudi/files/latest/download

What is CloudI?
A Cloud at the lowest level!

CloudI (http://cloudi.org/) is a "universal integrator" using an Erlang core, with its actor model, to pursue efficiency, fault-tolerance and scalability. The CloudI API provides a minimal interface to communicate among actors that are called services, so programming language agnostic, database agnostic, and messaging bus agnostic integration can occur. CloudI currently integrates with the programming languages Erlang, C/C++, Java, Python, and Ruby, the databases PostgreSQL, elasticsearch, Cassandra, MySQL, couchdb, memcached, and tokyotyrant, the messaging bus ZeroMQ and the internal CloudI service bus. HTTP is also supported for easy integration with cowboy and elli. If anyone is willing to get involved, don't hesitate to contact me or start looking at the code.

Thanks to Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya for the Cassandra integration along with the elasticsearch integration additions and everyone for the various feedback/issues/bugs that have been reported.  The details for this release are below:

October 18, 2013
  Version 1.3.0 (beta) released.
  * backwards compatibility difference:
    * CloudI Service API function services_add now returns a list of
      service UUIDs which can then be used in the other CloudI Service API
      functions (see the API HTML documentation or the
      cloudi_service_api module for details)
  * cassandra support was added by Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya
  * elasticsearch support for mapping and aliases was added
    by Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya
  * A service name pattern matching bug was fixed after being reported
    by Anton Ryabkov (an unsubscribe now removes a cpg group entry, if
    the group is empty, to avoid shadowing a pattern match)
  * CloudI API function cloudi_service:mcast_async_active was added
  * All the included internal CloudI services are now separate Erlang/OTP
    applications, to provide better management of their dependencies
  * The hello_world4 example was added to show how an Erlang/OTP release with
    CloudI can be created with relx
  * The hello_world3 example (rebar usage) was simplified,
    (rebar's HEAD is currently broken, refer to example README for details)
  * The service configuration options monkey_latency and monkey_chaos were
    added to provide a way of changing service performance and/or stability
    for evaluating system resilience during service problems
  * cloudi_service_http_cowboy had a few additions:
    * multipart support was added
    * content_types_accepted, set_x_forwarded_for, and status_code_timeout
      are configuration options
    * "status" key usage in ResponseInfo provides the HTTP status, as with
      normal HTTP protocol responses
  * A few new internal services were added:
    * cloudi_service_db_cassandra
    * cloudi_service_db
    * cloudi_service_tcp
    * cloudi_service_udp
    * cloudi_service_quorum
  * Various bugfixes, small additions, and documentation improvements

Please mention any problems, issues, or ideas!

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