[erlang-questions] libei use in port drivers

Thomas Stover tstover@REDACTED
Fri Oct 18 22:13:29 CEST 2013

Hi list. This is only my second month with erlang so bare with me.

I'm attempting to use the functions in libei (erl_decode, etc) from inside a port driver. It's a little suspicious that I haven't seen this discussed in the docs, but how else are you to decode terms in C when using binary mode? (I see driver_output_term() for the other direction.) Anyway, the issue is that the driver wont load when I try to use them. I suspect that I need to link to libei, but all there is the .a version (which I did tried). Unless that was built with –fpic that wont work.

I just keep getting that (seemingly frequent) {error,{open_error,-10}} Is there anyway to figure out some more information. I know when you work with the dlopen() family directly, somehow you can get some more detail about unresolved symbols, and such.

Any ideas? thanks.

C. Thomas Stover
Sr. Software Engineer
Alert Logic, Inc..
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