[erlang-questions] Open source Erlang based FIX Protocol Log Analyzer

Minin Maxim Maxim.Minin@REDACTED
Thu Oct 10 10:28:47 CEST 2013

in practice the most people from trading desk don't will learn this tags and if the are some problems and you must tell what was happen, you have to convert the fix messages, so they can understand them.

Max, you are right lists can be slower, but they are fast enough to convert more as 5000 per sec on single core. FIX self is very very slower - in our produktion sessions I have seen max 1000 messages per sec.  If you have to work with fix messages  in your erlang applikation ( compute some values or specify some logic etc ), you must convert  messages to records or list and the values to numbers or atoms and so on. Yes if you write the fix engine, that acts as hub, you don't need to do it all and can work with binaries.

You are right my projects on github are just prototypes and not fit for production , but if I have to do it for produktion purpose, i would do it in the same way.

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