[erlang-questions] Open source Erlang based FIX Protocol Log Analyzer

Minin Maxim Maxim.Minin@REDACTED
Thu Oct 10 08:57:13 CEST 2013

Last year as I started to learn erlang, I wrote some erlang fix apps see - https://github.com/MaximMinin:

 lib "FixUtils"  to convert fix messages in records and back or pretty print them
FixTestErl - an app to write a test scenarios in erlang
FixErl - a little fix engine, that can be use as embeded or standalone app

The most important thing for me was, that you can realy read the messages.

{out_logon, [{"8","FIXT.1.1"},{"9",""},{"35","A"},{"49","BRKR"},{"56","INVMGR"},{"34",""},{"52",""},{"98","0"},{"108",""},{"1137","0"},{"10",""}]}
is not readable for me.
I would like to have something like this - beginString=FIX.4.2,bodyLength=72,msgType=testRequest,senderCompID=XXX,targetCompID=YYY,msgSeqNum=3,sendingTime=20131010-06:46:19,testReqID=20131010-06:46:19,checkSum=042.

You are welcome to see how I did it on github.


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We have open sourced our product "FIX Protocol Log Analyzer", that helps in analyzing large FIX (Financial Information Exchange) protocol log files.

The source code is available at https://github.com/ieiss/fix-log-analyzer
Source code includes a sample binary log file containing 2000+ FIX messages, for testing purpose.

For product information and screen-shot, visit http://www.ieiss.com/products/fix-log-analyzer
More information on FIX Protocol available from http://www.fixtradingcommunity.org/

You can contact us for any queries. We try our best to provide support.

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