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Excellent news,

Thanks Pierre for your work to keep erldocs updated, it is one of my top-10 links!

A question, is there a reason for the documentation of newer Erlang/OTP versions not to provide type information?
For instance R14B02 do provide that, in yellow boxes. Compare

The first link shows that the function argument should be of type gb_tree() but the latter not.


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http://erldocs.com is a fast and accessible alternative to the official Erlang/OTP documentation.
Originally developed by Dale Harvey, it was no longer supported since the release of R15B.

I recently took over erldocs.com<http://erldocs.com> and the erldocs GitHub project, fixed some issues and compiled documentation for all Erlang/OTP versions. The website is now hosted on GitHub gh-pages as it is only static files (thank you GitHub, that's amazing!) and back on tracks!

Go check another Erlang doc at http://erldocs.com/
Go check the code                at https://github.com/fenollp/erldocs

Pierre Fenoll

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