[erlang-questions] EBU Networked Media Taskforce Request for Technology

Ivan Uemlianin ivan@REDACTED
Tue Oct 1 15:17:07 CEST 2013

Dear All

Sorry if this is off-topic and/or old news.  Thought it might be 
interesting for erlangers working on media technology.

The European Broadcasting Union Joint Task Force on Networked Media has 
put out a Request for Technology:

     The opportunity to build future production environments that are
     solely based on IT infrastructure and packet networks (Ethernet,
     IP, etc.), rather than speciality broadcast equipment and
     interfaces (SDI, AES, etc.), offers new ways to produce content.
     It could facilitate new workflow possibilities, increased
     production efficiency, increased multiscreen programme output and
     cost reductions.

     The Task Force has published its RFT - on 12 September 2013 - with
     the goal of identifying the technologies, current or in
     development, which can fulfil the business-driven user
     requirements that were collected in the first phase of the Task
     Force's work.

The RfT and the preceding user requirements doc are available as pdfs 
from the JT-NM page.

Press release (with link to JT-NM page):

(disclaimer: I am not involved with the EBU other than reading their 

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Ivan A. Uemlianin PhD
Speech Technology Research and Development


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