[erlang-questions] Rabbit under small load

Max Bourinov bourinov@REDACTED
Fri May 24 10:28:54 CEST 2013

Hello Dear Erlangers!

I have about 3000 erlang-processes which should send messages to AMQP-queue
of destination and receive replies from it.

The message rate at the moment is about 100 M/s
Average message size: 4 Kb

At the moment I have one locally registered gen_server that does all
communication with RabbitMQ. It consumes messages and routes them
to corresponding worker processes (via gproc). When worker process need to
send something, it cast message to RabbitMQ process via local name.  With
this approach I see some problems with message consumption speed.

What is the right way to interact with RabbitMQ server in Erlang
code? Should it be more consumer processes?

Best regards,
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