[erlang-questions] PG2 accidentally restarted

Maxim Treskin zerthurd@REDACTED
Tue May 7 05:00:20 CEST 2013


I used R16B (erts-5.10.1). There is one pg2 group in my code used only on
single node. Today I saw that after hours of working without high load main
process of pg2 accidentally stopped and restarted by kernel_safe_sup:

04:20:38.633 [debug]  Supervisor kernel_safe_sup started pg2:start_link()
at pid <0.118.0>

And there is no any another errors before which can be cause of this
stopping. After this pg2 restart my own group was lost and error appeared:

pg2:get_closest_pid(my_group) returns

During work of my code, some number of processes joins to my_group, then
takes one task to handle and leaves this group. After task completed
process returns reply and joins to my_group again.

Is this bug?

Thank you

Max Treskin
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