[erlang-questions] Maturity, models matter - Re: Go vs Erlang

Toby Thain toby@REDACTED
Thu Mar 28 13:35:57 CET 2013

On 27/03/13 7:26 PM, giovanni_re wrote:
> ...
> There's also a recurring pattern in newer language advocates in which
> they will in one year claim it's a good thing that they don't have X,
> and next year tout to the high heavens how wonderful it is that they
> just implemented X. ...

The poster children for this cycle would be lambdas (coming soon in Java 
8? Maybe?) and garbage collection... But maturity turns out to be not 
only important but quantifiable; and immature/wonky closures and garbage 
collection (Python, Ruby, PHP, etc) are not worth dealing with when we 
have mature choices.

Go might shake down in 5 or 10 years into a robust platform (for what, 
is not clear), but even then the programmer model can still be 
questioned. It's not like the world needed "another C".


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