[erlang-questions] gen_tcp recv web content

月忧茗 yueyoum@REDACTED
Thu Mar 28 09:16:34 CET 2013


I'm learning Erlang, And I have some code, to get web site content.


in erlang shell:

test:start("www.yahoo.com", 80).

I MUST waiting for the remote website close the socket,
after that,  I got {tcp_closed, Socket} msg,
then finish the loop.

But,  Waiting for remote close socket was takes a 'long' time,

Is there any way to know, i have already get the whole data, and close the
socket by myself?

using Content-Length?  How?

another question:

test:start("github.com", 443).

when play with such this 'https' sites,  the code can not working.
It seems like being blocked.  can not receive the data, and finally closed
by remote sites.


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