[erlang-questions] Etudes for Erlang

Simon St.Laurent simonstl@REDACTED
Mon Mar 25 18:48:27 CET 2013

I'm delighted to announce something new from O'Reilly Media, something 
we haven't done before.

Etudes for Erlang, by J. David Eisenberg, is a set of exercises for 
beginners learning the language.


It is currently based on Introducing Erlang, though it also has 
cross-references to other current English-language Erlang books. 
Because it started from Introducing Erlang, these are definitely etudes 
for raw beginners, not (yet) intermediate or advanced programmers.

It's available for free on the Web, with an option to buy it as an 
ebook.  (We're not currently doing print, but if you want print, let me 
know and I'll figure something out.)

We hope this will grow, and I've been happy to see some activity in the 
Github repository already.  Please take a look, see if it fits your 
needs, and think about ways it might grow to fit your needs.

Thank you,
Simon St.Laurent

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