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Dear All

Sorry if I'm late to this party.

IMHO the Cesarini & Thompson Programming Erlang is by far and away the 
best for self- or group- study. Clear path through the material; 
exercises; can be used as tutorial or reference. The other books 
currently on the market for this purpose are a long way behind.

Lyse and the Armstrong (Erlang Programming) are both very good books. 
Easy breezy reads. They both cover the material well and are full of 
hidden gems. Neither is just for beginners.

If you are professional about your Erlang you should have all three of 
these books, as well as Erlang/OTP in Action. This is not an 
introduction to the language; it's more an introduction to "real world" 
concerns (eg from memory distribution and deployment).

Other Erlang books currently on the market (in English) are more 
topic-focussed and quality is variable.

n.b. Some of the above books have been translated, and other books have 
been written in German, Spanish and possibly other languages.

Best wishes


On 23/03/2013 00:34, Miles Fidelman wrote:
> washington3@REDACTED wrote:
>> Can you suggest an introductory book on Erlang?
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> Learn you some Erlang, and the couple of introductory books are well and
> good - but if you want to start doing USEFUL things, I highly recommend
> "Erlang and OTP in Action."  It gets past the language and into how to
> use the OTP platform to build applications and systems.
> Miles Fidelman
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