[erlang-questions] wxStyledTextCtrl and numbered lines, custom margin

Hosszú Gábor gabre@REDACTED
Thu Mar 21 01:57:15 CET 2013


I have been writing a GUI application using wxErlang and I would like  
to do the following:
I have a wxStyledTextCtrl and I want the lines to be numbered, but not  
from 1, but from N (which usually not equals 1). I tried the trivial  
solution, adding some empty lines with "\n" and hiding those lines,  
but according to my experiences and wxStyledTextCtrl/Scintilla docs  
hiding the first line is impossible.
On wx forums some programmers suggested me the following function:
but this function is not implemented in wxErlang. What should I do  
now? Should I write some C++ code or...? I dont really know the inner  
structure of the wxErlang modules, I am just a user of them.

Thank you in advance,
Gabor Hosszu

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