[erlang-questions] etop flooded with "Erlang top got garbage" messages

Geoff Cant nem@REDACTED
Wed Mar 13 23:58:39 CET 2013

I'm not sure if this will help you, but I often get good results in production by establishing a remote shell to the production node from a hidden console node

    erl -name myconsole -remsh prodnode -hidden

And then running etop on the node I'm tracing:

    1> etop:start([{node, node()}, {output, text}, {lines, 32}]).

I usually don't need to turn off tracing there, but if I do, I think {tracing, off} is the option you add to the list.

To stop etop, either quit your shell ^g q ret, or interrupt it ^g i ret.


On 2013-03-13, at 15:47 , Mike Cugini <mike@REDACTED> wrote:

> the -tracing off flag definitely helped, I no longer see the "garbage" 
> messages.
> Unfortunately, etop will crash within 30 secs on average with: "Output 
> server crashed: connection_lost"
> This is likely just a result of a busy server?
> On Wednesday, March 13, 2013 1:39:48 PM UTC-4, Scott Lystig Fritchie wrote:
>> Anton Lebedevich <mab...@REDACTED <javascript:>> wrote: 
>>>> Whenever I start etop, I see a flood of "Erlang top got garbage" 
>>>> messages: 
>> al> -tracing off flag might help etop. 
>> I agree with Anton: the default (tracing is on) creates a huge amount of 
>> extra load on the VM.  Turning tracing off is IMHO highly recommended. 
>> -Scott 
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