[erlang-questions] [ANN] Ybot-0.3.2 chat robot released

Alex toyer anotherworldofworld@REDACTED
Wed Mar 13 18:24:53 CET 2013


Let me announce Ybot-0.3.2 released. Ybot - is erlang chat robot which
supports different messaging protocols like: HipChat, Campfire, XMPP, IRC,
Skype and other. This is bug fix release with some little innovations.

Ybot-0.3.2 ChangeLog:

   - Fixed #42 issue. Unable to connect to IRC bug.
   - Fixed #44 issue. Fixed internal Ybot commands.
   - #42. If bot nickname already in use, generate new name and try to
   - #45 fixed. Timeout error from IRC transport.
   - #43 fixed. Unable to compile using rebar.
   - Help plugin improved.
   - #44 Internal commands tested and fixed.
   - To all plugins added checks arguments.
   - New internal command 'announce' added.
   - New api ybot:act/1 added
   - New api ybot:plugins/0 added
   - All plugins argumets checking added.
   - Fixed campfire image/video posting.
   - Scala plugins support added.
   - Url decode/encode new plugin added.
   - math.rb plugin result output fixed.
   - New core plugin translate.rb added. tranlate text with google
   translate plugin added.

Ybot repository at github - https://github.com/0xAX/Ybot

Ybot plugins repository - https://github.com/0xAX/ybot-contrib
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