[erlang-questions] How to understand busyness of driver job queue?

Scott Lystig Fritchie fritchie@REDACTED
Wed Mar 13 18:02:58 CET 2013

Michael Truog <mjtruog@REDACTED> wrote:

mt> You may have thought that the async threads use a shared job queue,
mt> but they don't... each thread has its own queue.  So, that means it
mt> is easy to plug up the async thread pool, if you have long running
mt> operations.  By increasing the pool size to a much larger value, you
mt> are no longer blocking on a randomly overworked async thread.

Small correction: you're less likely to block on an overworked async
thread.  It's still possible to have two independent Erlang file
handles/ports operating on different files that will always use the same
async thread.


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