[erlang-questions] etop flooded with "Erlang top got garbage" messages

Mike Cugini mike@REDACTED
Wed Mar 13 03:32:27 CET 2013

Hey all,

I was recently put on an erlang project, and I've been trying to get etop 
working to help profile some issues our app has been having (mostly 
interested in Message Queue sizes).

Etop is started with this command:

erl -name etop@<ip> -hidden -s etop -s erlang halt \
               -output text -sort reductions -lines 50 \
               -node <node_name> -setcookie <cookie>

Whenever I start etop, I see a flood of "Erlang top got garbage" messages:

Erlang top got garbage {trace_ts,<5261.332.0>,out,
Erlang top got garbage {trace_ts,<5261.378.0>,out,
Erlang top got garbage {trace_ts,<5261.351.0>,out,
Erlang top got garbage {trace_ts,<5261.424.0>,out,

This sometimes results in the connection dropping after this message: 
Output server crashed: connection_lost

>From what I've gathered, etop can be disrupted in this way by tracing, and 
as far as I can tell, our codebase does not use tracing anywhere (no 
references to erlang:trace or dbg).

Initially we thought it might be related to using the lager logging 
library, but even after disabling it, the issue has persisted.

Are there any other potential causes of this issue?  Or perhaps something I 
am overlooking?

Mike Cugini
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