[erlang-questions] What does "=index_table:atom_tab, size: 9216, limit: 9000, entries: 9216" mean?

skyman cloudzen@REDACTED
Tue Mar 12 07:55:08 CET 2013

Hi all,
I use "erl +t 9000" to set the maximum number of atoms to 9000, then I call erlang:list_to_atom/1 to create atoms, and check the system info:
15> string:tokens(binary_to_list(erlang:system_info(info)),"\n").
["=memory","total: 49094720","processes: 33358002",
 "processes_used: 33358002","system: 15736718",
 "atom: 223537","atom_used: 211133","binary: 1063848",
 "code: 3739735","ets: 251248","=hash_table:atom_tab",
 "size: 6421","used: 4906","objs: 9216","depth: 7",
 "=index_table:atom_tab","size: 9216","limit: 9000",
 "entries: 9216","=hash_table:module_code","size: 97",
 "used: 57","objs: 76","depth: 3","=index_table:module_code",
 "size: 1024","limit: 65536","entries: 76",

Please look at the "=index_table:atom_tab" item, what do "size", "limit" and "entries" mean? why can the "size"(9216) larger than the "limit"(9000)?
Thanks in advance!
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