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Tue Mar 12 04:58:52 CET 2013


I am new to Erlang and Diameter protocol. Wish someone could provide some
suggestions on how to utilize the diameter library properly in Erlang.

For example, I want to send/receive some Gx messages, like CCR (Credit
Control Request), CCA(Credit Control Answer messages. But I notice that
there are some predefined messages in erlang diameter library. As my
understanding, should use the utility diameterc to generate erlang
header/source files based on dia files. There are few dia files under
otp/lib/diameter/src/dict folder, like acct_rfc6733.dia, base_rfc3588.dia,
relay.dia, base_accounting.dia,  base_rfc6733.dia. Those files don't have
the definitions for Gx.

How should I generate or where can I obtain dia files which have support
for CCR/CCA message format? Are the dia files proprietary or manufacturer
specific? Can I generate with the 3GPP spec? What are the proper steps?

Thanks a lot!

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