[erlang-questions] The state of Unicode libraries

Noah Diewald noah@REDACTED
Mon Mar 11 19:15:53 CET 2013

I tend to just write my own nifs for what I need from icu and piggyback off of

On 03/11/2013 01:11 PM, Thomas Allen wrote:
> Hello,
> I am working on a project right now for which Unicode string and binary
> functions are critical. I find myself adrift in my search for a suitable
> library to handle this.
> These are the projects I have reviewed this far:
> i18n <https://github.com/erlang-unicode/i18n>:
>     Uses NIFs, linking with libicu. Promising, but this project has a
>     major issue: It depends (in its rebar.config) on some testing
>     library that uses pmods, so I cannot provide an easy install for R16
>     users if I depend on this library. Author states in the issue queue
>     that he has not used it in production himself, so I'm interested in
>     how this has worked for other users in production.
> ux <https://github.com/erlang-unicode/ux>:
>     Pure Erlang solution. This is what I am using right now. It does the
>     job, but takes about two seconds to start up (an annoyance) and has
>     some strange history, like when `ux_html' was removed but not
>     mentioned in the commit message:
> <https://github.com/erlang-unicode/ux/commit/73e5e7ace9b1c745b29e2a500a9e3d937854bfde>
>     A year later now, and `ux_html' functions are still in the README.
> starling <https://code.google.com/p/starling/>:
>     Something of a toy, and untouched since early 2008. No
>     to_upper/to_lower or other important functions.
> I hope that I am missing some viable libraries, because none of these
> seem satisfactory right now, though `ux' is functional.
> Thanks,
> Thomas Allen
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