[erlang-questions] Which choice is better? Function or Case

Henning Diedrich hd2010@REDACTED
Sat Mar 9 23:44:12 CET 2013

Hi Joe,

On Mar 9, 2013, at 10:17 PM, Joe Armstrong <erlang@REDACTED> wrote:

> I try to use very short variable names. In my mind variable names carry [N]o meaning. I'm very very fussy about extremely accurate function names. If a function says do_this_and_that it should do exactly this_and_that and not something else. 

yes, the obligatory complement to the Short Variable Names Church are speaking function names!

But in my experience, sadly, they do not render unnecessary the comment explanations for the variables. I wish.

(Not that Joe said anything remotely like that.)

> Comments should be repaired with the same lova and care as code. Without
> spelling and punctuation errors. If I see a typo in a comment […]

I'll add block justification. I like my comments justified. Really freaks some serious people out though.

But the reality is that most code will not get to that point.

What I am looking for on the practical side is a standardized, fast-to-read way to explain the one-letter variables, across repeat variants of functions and useful for edocs.


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