[erlang-questions] Is the function call always pass by value?

饕餮 249505968@REDACTED
Sat Mar 9 10:16:15 CET 2013

I have do a test about the function call.
There are some strange thing happen when I use function call to pass a tuple. 
The runtime won't change whatever the tuple scale size change(still smaller than 10k atom in it).
So I wonder if the function call always pass value?

And in I my project there is a efficiency bottleneck.
There is some function loop with passing some large record.
simply like this
dot_write_func_dup(N) ->
	X = #test{},
dot_func_dup(N,X) when N > 0 ->
	I = X#test{r500 = n},
	J = I#test{r501 = m},
	dot_func_dup(N -1 ,X);
dot_func_dup(0,X) ->
	I = X#test{r500 = n},
	J = I#test{r501 = m}.

%=============================It seems very slow with the loop.
And we attempt to change the record loop to process dictionary.
It's worthy to change it?
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