[erlang-questions] EDoc Callback suggestion

Magnus Henoch magnus@REDACTED
Thu Mar 7 12:48:45 CET 2013

Nikolaos Bezirgiannis <bezirg@REDACTED> writes:

> Hello,
> this is not really a question, more of a suggestion.
> According to this post <
> http://erlang.org/pipermail/erlang-patches/2012-July/002912.html>
> , EDoc >= 0.7.10 can list the callback functions of an OTP module (custom
> or non-custom).
> Why not go further and list also their type specifications?

I keep thinking that this shouldn't be hard to do - just do the same
parsing for -callback as for -type, and present it in the output.  I
haven't had time to look into it in detail though; it would definitely
be a larger change than the one linked above.

If anyone would find the time to work on this and submit a patch, I for
one would be happy :)  Meanwhile I document my behaviours with <dl>,
<dt> and <dd>.


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