[erlang-questions] [ANN] erlbrew - bash script to help automate side-by-side Erlang installs on OS X

Tim Watson watson.timothy@REDACTED
Wed Mar 6 17:44:34 CET 2013

On 6 Mar 2013, at 16:36, Mark Allen wrote:
> There probably could be some kind of "grand unified builder tool" though -
> interesting idea!

I had some ideas about building this, and almost made a start. I was planning to write a command line tool that would delegate to whatever tool chain you like, to do package management (with apt/yum, or agner, or cabal, or npm, etc) or build (make, rake, ant, maven, gradle, rebar, cabal, etc) and so on and so forth. The idea was that you instruct it how to manage a tool and then how to recognise (or be told on invocation) that it should be used - e.g., if it sees '.git' in the current directory then commands which are linked to (i.e., configured for) SCM will use git rather than mercurial/darcs/subversion/etc.

Anyway, it's a fun idea, but I have no more 'spare time' to spare nowadays. :(


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