[erlang-questions] Erlang4Android R16B released

Erik Reitsma erlang@REDACTED
Sun Mar 3 14:25:09 CET 2013

Hi all,

A new Erlang4Android is available on 
http://code.google.com/p/erlang4android/, based on R16B.
You need to install the new APK, which can be used to download the 
actual Erlang binaries.

This app installs a small version of Erlang (i.e. erlang_R16.zip) for 
use with SL4A.

First install SL4A, then this app, then run this app to install 
Erlang/OTP and use SL4A to run your Erlang code.

Using the app you can add OTP applications from a repository. It is not 
yet possible to manage the repositories. To add an application 
(library), go to "Select libraries". Select "Refresh" from the menu to 
get a list of available libraries. Then click long on the desired 
library to select it for installation (or uninstallation). Then select 
"Go" from the menu to actually perform the (un)installation.

 From the main screen you can select the menu option "Settings" to 
specify extra command line arguments that will be used when Erlang is 
started. For example, to start distribution, specify "-name 
myandroid@REDACTED -setcookie mysecretcookie" (without the quotes and 
with relevant values).


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