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José Valim jose.valim@REDACTED
Fri Mar 1 19:00:36 CET 2013

Hello everyone,

As you may know the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is an annual program that
allows students to work on an Open Source Project of their choice during
the summer and it will run once again on the year of 2013:


For this year, we have decided to create an organization called the BEAM
Community that will host different projects that run on the Erlang VM
(examples: ejabberd, disco, elixir, zotonic, etc). Over the years, GSoC has
given a higher preference to organizations, as mentioned

> Google's program administrators actually look quite fondly on the
umbrella organizations that participate each year. It serves a dual
purpose: it allows Google to accept more organizations in the "space" of
just one, and also gives an opportunity to accept a marginally-topical org
by putting it under the umbrella of a related org.

That said, this is the official announcement of the BEAM Community! We have
invited and been in touch with some projects in order to organize a good
first batch, some of them are already listed on our wiki. We invite those
interested to visit the wiki and join the mailing list if you have any


If you are...

* maintainer of an open source project, have some ideas for students to
work, and a mentor to guide them during the summer (for 3 months): make a
draft of those proposals and send them to the mailing list, so we can give
you access to the wiki;

* interested in one of the projects already listed: contact the project
maintainers to get more information on how you can help (for example, be a
mentor). It is estimated that being a mentor takes 10 hours a week on

* interested in a project that is not the on the list: contact the project
maintainers and help them to follow the route outlines in the first option;

Keep in mind that this does not mean we are accepted into the Google Summer
of Code as an organization. In fact, there is a long way to go and this is
only the first step: to gather a good set of projects and proposals. We
will have an answer about acceptance at the beginning of April and then
start to get students interested in our projects. :)

Let's rock this summer,

José Valim
Founder and Lead Developer
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