[erlang-questions] iPhone unable to connect over SSL after upgrading to R16B01

Ransom Richardson ransomr@REDACTED
Fri Jun 21 17:44:34 CEST 2013

Not sure if this is a known issue but I didn't see anything about it when I searched.

After upgrading to R16B01 our iPhone client can no longer connect to the service over SSL. The same build works fine when deployed on a machine running R16B.

If we specify

{ciphers, [{rsa,aes_256_cbc,sha256}]},

then it is able to connect successfully

However, if we specify:

{ciphers, [{rsa,aes_256_cbc,sha256}, {ecdhe_rsa,aes_256_cbc,sha}]},

then the connection fails.

I didn't debug further, but did notice this following in tls_handshake.erl, which seems like it might be related:

   %% TODO: need to take supported Curves into Account when selecting the CipherSuite....
   %%       if whe have an ECDSA cert with an unsupported curve, we need to drop ECDSA ciphers

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