[erlang-questions] edoc generation

Richard Carlsson carlsson.richard@REDACTED
Tue Jun 18 09:58:47 CEST 2013

On 2013-06-17 13:01 , sm wrote:
> I've just ran edoc on a collection of erlang source files with the
> command: erl -noshell -run edoc_run application 'app' '"src"' '[{dir,
> "src"}]'
> The source files contain the erlang library.
> A few libraries gave this result:
> src/tls_record.erl, function is_acceptable_version/1: at line 477:
> multiple @spec tag.
> edoc: skipping source file 'src/tls_record.erl': {'EXIT',error}.
> src/orber_ifr_aliasdef.erl: at line 61: syntax error before: '?tcheck'
> edoc: error in doclet 'edoc_doclet': {'EXIT',error}.
> edoc: edoc terminated abnormally: error.
> I've placed all the source file in one directory. I've also tested the
> some libray files in there orginal directory with the same results.

It looks like some of the OTP applications contain broken edoc 
annotations (and in some cases, weird uses of macros that make it 
impossible for edoc to parse the sources). But the OTP applications are 
still mostly documented through hand-written SGML files, so it's not 
surprising that they haven't all been cleaned up to work with edoc.

> How can I resolve this?

Either by patching the OTP applications or by not running edoc on them 
in the first place. Why do you want to do this, when you can get the 
full OTP documentation from www.erlang.org?


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