[erlang-questions] Compiler list comprehension optimizations

Sat Jun 15 14:21:25 CEST 2013

> On 06/14/2013 05:16 AM, Thomas Lindgren wrote:
> One could also imagine a more general case, with an initial expression,
> continue condition, and next expression, kind of like a for loop common
> to other languages:
>   [... || I := 0; I < 100; I + 1, ...]

We have seen [... where I = 0 then I+1 while I < 100]
proposed, but that's not actually as general as a functional
language should be.  What's needed is a general 'unfold'
proposal, and we've had that for a while too.

Semicolons in Erlang always have either the actual or
the metaphorical force of "OR", so they make no sense in
this context.

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