[erlang-questions] erlang/C embedded db suggestion

Radu Brumariu brum76@REDACTED
Sat Jun 1 01:29:28 CEST 2013

I have a project where an application reads bits from a database using a C
library and makes some decisions based on the data available there. At the
same time, the same database is periodically updated by an Erlang app.

It is highly likely that both the C lib and the Erlang app would have the
library open at the same time, however the C lib would be read only,
whereas Erlang process would open it for write as well.

Any suggestions on what the database might be ? Something like term storage
( bdb ) would work for my needs, but bdb cannot be opened in parallel. Same
goes for LevelDB, KyotoCabinet. The only that I have found ( so far ) is
sqlite(but I don't need sql). I am thinking that an alternative would be to
have a raw file mmap-ped by the C library, but I would much rather use
something that has some primitives already built.

Also, I am considering doing IPC via a unix/tcp socket with the Erlang
process, but I'd rather use a db/file ( provides natural fallback if the
process does not run, or other comm issues).

For the time being, the Erlang app and the C lib would be on the same box.

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