[erlang-questions] "Automatic" recompile app from a console

John Kemp john@REDACTED
Thu Jan 31 22:32:26 CET 2013

On 01/31/2013 04:25 PM, Garrett Smith wrote:

> You're asking about a completely different workflow, but on the
> outside chance you're simply looking for a streamlined way to
> integrate the shell with your programming,

I am :)

> this is what I use:
> - Edit and compile source explicitly (I have a key binding to run
> "make" in Emacs, but I'm sure most editors have an easy equivalent)

This is the part that was failing for me, actually - I get an error 
about reloading a beam file when I ran the make from within emacs. Works 
OK from a command line, but not from emacs.

> - Let mochiweb's reloader, which is started using the "-s reloader"
> option, automatically reload the modified beams
> I *live* in the Erlang shell during development, always using this
> workflow. When I watch others constantly closing and restarting the
> Erlang shell in between changes, I wonder how on earth they get
> anything done :)

I programmed in Erlang a few years ago and gave it up. I don't remember 
how I worked before but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have lived with this 
either :) So now I need to get it working again...



> Garrett

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