[erlang-questions] edoc broken in current master?

Nico Kruber nico.kruber@REDACTED
Wed Jan 30 15:34:26 CET 2013

we regularly check that Scalaris builds on master and since the checks of 11 
Jan 2013 6am CET, creating the documentation with edoc fails.
We don't use packages, although we do put files into sub-folders - anyway, I 
guess a function_clause should not be returned to the user at any point (see 

svn co http://scalaris.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ scalaris
cd scalaris
make doc
/home/buildbot/apps/erlang-dev/bin/erl -noshell -run edoc_run application 
"'scalaris'" \
	'"."' '[{def, {vsn, "0.5.0+svn"}}, no_packages, {preprocess, true}, 
{includes, ["include", "contrib/yaws/include", "contrib/log4erl/include"]}, 
{sort_functions, false}, {pretty_printer, erl_pp}, {macros, [{tid_not_builtin, 
true}, {with_export_type_support, true}, {have_cthooks_support, true}, 
{have_callback_support, true}]}]'
edoc: edoc terminated abnormally: {function_clause,
make: *** [.make-doc] Error 1

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