[erlang-questions] using erlang openCL bindings codebase

Alex Babkin ababkin@REDACTED
Thu Jan 17 02:26:38 CET 2013


I was trying to play around with this code (https://github.com/tonyrog/cl)
and get it going on my mac (Air, OS X 10.8.2), but wasn't all that

I have some experience running erlang programs but usually bootstrapped
with rebar.

I've gotten as far as getting "Trace/BPT trap: 5" as soon as i run some
examples (and this error doesn't really help/tell me much)

It'd be really great if there would be a step by step instructions on how
to get the examples running and how to set the system up in general. A lot
of people use macs for development nowadays, so mac specific instructions
and gotchas would be great (and i can help with this however i can)

here are the steps i followed:

$mkdir opencl
$cd opencl
$git clone git://github.com/tonyrog/cl.git
$cd cl
$cd examples
$ cd ../..
$erl -pa cl/ebin
Erlang R15B03 (erts-5.9.3) [source] [64-bit] [smp:4:4] [async-threads:0]
[hipe] [kernel-poll:false]

Eshell V5.9.3  (abort with ^G)
1> cl_bandwidth:test().
Trace/BPT trap: 5

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