[erlang-questions] cowboy throwing a routing error

AD straightflush@REDACTED
Thu Jan 10 15:11:16 CET 2013


  Using sockjs and the latest cowboy/ranch, I am running into a badarg
error with cowboy_router.  Not sure what is causing this, i captured the
debug info here in this gist


I am starting like this

SockjsState = sockjs_handler:init_state(<<"/socket">>,fun
wsocket_handler/3, state, []),

VRoutes = [{[<<"socket">>, '...'], sockjs_cowboy_handler, SockjsState},

                   {'_', ?MODULE, []}],
 Routes = [{'_',  VRoutes}],

 lager:info("Starting the cowboy listener on port ~p..~n",[?COWBOY_HTTP_PORT]),

 cowboy:start_http(my_http_listener, ?COWBOY_HTTP_ACCEPTORS, [{port,
?COWBOY_HTTP_PORT}], [{dispatch, Routes}]).

But the call to lists:keyfind(dispatch, 1, Env) seems to be failing
for some reason.

 Any ideas ?

- AD
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