[erlang-questions] How to dynamically compiled module?

Solomon solomon.wzs@REDACTED
Wed Jan 9 11:16:30 CET 2013

It is ok when I call the function like that: mochiglobal:put(key, [1, 2,

But it is error when I call the function like that: mochiglobal:put(key,

I know I could save the variable like that: mochiglobal:put(key,
term_to_binary(self())), but I want to know whether there are some methods
to save pid or port directly.


2013/1/9 Andrew Majorov <encube.ul@REDACTED>

> I beleive mochiglobal is exactly what you are searching for. Note this is
> more or less legacy stuff. If you are just into the deal with global
> variables, IMO ets or dedicated process is more appropriate.
> https://github.com/mochi/mochiweb/blob/master/src/mochiglobal.erl
> I want to save a variable and number of threads would call it, but I don't
>> want to save it in ets.
>> I want to dynamically compiled a module, when I call foo:bar(), it will
>> return the variable directly.
>> How should I do?
>> (P.S. the variable like this: {#Fun<...>, <0.1.0>, ...})
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