[erlang-questions] first erlang program

Jérôme Desquilbet jerome@REDACTED
Sun Jan 6 17:25:36 CET 2013

> Now if I wanted to 'see' the scaling what do I have to do/setup?
> Just for context: I am demoing this to a class of noobs (more noob than
> me if thats possible :D) on a 4-core laptop mostly on linux but could
> also use windows.

You can demo that using a kind of "cpu graph" widget (like 
xfce4-taskmanager) showing that all the cores are at their maximum. It 
proves at least that erl transparently distributes the erlang processes 
on all the nodes.

> I suppose I could hook up another machine with a back-to-back ethernet
> cable.
> Naturally I would prefer to 'scale up the scaling-up measurement'
> ie first erlang-ecosystem methods
> then linux processes methods
> then throwing more 'hard' hardware

Not sure to understand.
The program will be limited to the number of erlang processes (some of 
the erlang framwework plus one process for each sieve - adjust erl with 
the +P option) you can run on your machine.
Then if you want to have another machine taking the following sieves in 
charge, and another machine, etc., then the whole program/application 
will have to be redesigned.


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