[erlang-questions] Why system_flag(scheduler_bind_type) is deprecated?

Masklinn masklinn@REDACTED
Fri Jan 4 13:55:45 CET 2013

On 2012-12-27, at 00:45 , Rickard Green wrote:
> Neither the +sbt flag nor the 'scheduler_bind_type' argument of the system_flag/2 BIF have ever been supported on MacOSX. This since the last time I tried to find an api for binding threads to processors on MacOSX I couldn't find one. This might however have changed since then.

It has not, as far as I know. OSX only provides an affinity API (since 10.5): http://developer.apple.com/library/mac/#releasenotes/Performance/RN-AffinityAPI/_index.html

> OS X does not export interfaces that identify processors or control
> thread placement—explicit thread to processor binding is not
> supported. Instead, the kernel manages all thread placement.

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