[erlang-questions] Erlang application distribution

Varatharaja Kajamugan kajan26@REDACTED
Thu Jan 3 18:22:47 CET 2013


I have tested a distributed test application between 2 nodes (test_p and

test_p is primary node and test_s is secondary.

When i stop test_p node,  start(failover, Args) was called in test_s node.

But when i stop only the test application in test_p node without stopping
the node, start(failover, Args) was not called  in test_s node.

is that the behavior of erlang kernel distribution. if not can u guys
please help me on this.

my kernel configuration is below :
                {reduce_test, 5000, [test_p@REDACTED, test_s@REDACTED]}
        {sync_nodes_optional, [test_p@REDACTED, test_s@REDACTED]},
        {sync_nodes_timeout, 5000},
       {start_dist_ac, true}

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