[erlang-questions] Yet another Lua for Erlang library had been written. Meet the 'moon' library!

Yang Liu liuyang124846@REDACTED
Sat Sep 29 06:56:38 CEST 2012

I am using it, i like it, it is fast and asyc, a new thread do the lua job,
i using it with lua5.1, great job.
在 2012-9-27 傍晚6:33,"Anatoly Kanivetskiy" <chaos.a.d88@REDACTED>写道:
> Greetings, Erlangers!
> If you wanted to incorporate the power of erlang with the simplicity of
Lua, but was not satisfied with existing libraries, you can try yet another
> It is written as NIF using C++ and a bit of a boost libraries, and wasn't
yet heavily tested. But it should perform faster. In theory. I hope so. :-)
> It's still more a prototype, than a solid, production-ready library.
> It lacks some portability (only ubuntu 12.04 was tested).
> But I have an intention to make it buildable at least on recent versions
of Scientific Linux.
> Also, it depends heavily on boost libraries.
> The header-only part can be bundled inside, like this repo does:
> And the boost thread library, which is definitely an overkill here, can
be easily replaced with native enif_(mutex|cond)_* functions.
> At the moment, i'm happy with having boost as a dependency, but if it
annoys you - you can remove it yourself of course :) Or, probably, I'll do
it eventually.
> So, feel free to use/fork/patch/criticize it:
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