[erlang-questions] Yet another Lua for Erlang library had been written. Meet the 'moon' library!

Anatoly Kanivetskiy chaos.a.d88@REDACTED
Thu Sep 27 12:32:42 CEST 2012

Greetings, Erlangers!

If you wanted to incorporate the power of erlang with the simplicity of 
Lua, but was not satisfied with existing libraries, you can try yet another 

It is written as NIF using C++ and a bit of a boost libraries, and wasn't 
yet heavily tested. But it should perform faster. In theory. I hope so. :-)

It's still more a prototype, than a solid, production-ready library.
It lacks some portability (only ubuntu 12.04 was tested).
But I have an intention to make it buildable at least on recent versions of 
Scientific Linux.

Also, it depends heavily on boost libraries.
The header-only part can be bundled inside, like this repo does: 
And the boost thread library, which is definitely an overkill here, can be 
easily replaced with native enif_(mutex|cond)_* functions.
At the moment, i'm happy with having boost as a dependency, but if it 
annoys you - you can remove it yourself of course :) Or, probably, I'll do 
it eventually.

So, feel free to use/fork/patch/criticize it: 

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