[erlang-questions] erlang:send_after/3 questions

Rapsey rapsey@REDACTED
Sat Sep 22 08:07:36 CEST 2012

> 3. Is spawning a lot of send_after's or timers a dangerous idea? In case
> of using timer module, we'll just lose some started timers due to port
> restart. But something tells me that crash of erlang internal timers is a
> somewhat more dangerous thing that might even crash the VM.
> How much is a lot of send_afters? My server runs a lot of timers, but very
rarely in more than one per process. But there can easily be thousands of
timers running in different processes.
I would advise against using timer module. Using the timer module in a few
places turned out to be a big mistake. It sometimes just stops working
completely. It may be a mistake on my part, but erlang:send_after generally
does everything you need and is completely reliable.

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