[erlang-questions] erlang source code browser

Siraaj Khandkar siraaj@REDACTED
Fri Sep 14 02:13:32 CEST 2012


    vim -c TOhtml mymodule.erl -c wqa

Gives you this:


On Sep 13, 2012, at 7:33 PM, zejian ju wrote:

> you mean vim's erlang syntax file? but i need  a html version
> 2012/9/13, Adam Rutkowski <adam.rutkowski@REDACTED>:
>> On 13 Sep 2012, at 17:10, zejian ju wrote:
>>> hi all,
>>> i need one tool to convert erlang source code file into html web page,
>>> so that i can browse them by my web browser. there's example for other
>>> languages, just like this for scala:
>>> http://xuwei-k.github.com/play-sxr/play-2.9.1-2.0/play/play/Application.java.html
>>> after a google search, i only find one project at google code:
>>> erl-escobar, it only has source code highlighted, no cross reference,
>>> and no update from 2007. who can give me some hint about this?
>> vim's :TOhtml plus a couple of macros dealing with linking, perhaps?
>> (macros would have to use regexps though)

Siraaj Khandkar

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