[erlang-questions] [ANN] UBF - Universal Binary Format 2.0

ノートン ジョーセフ ウェイ ン norton@REDACTED
Tue Nov 27 17:41:17 CET 2012

UBF is a framework that permits Erlang and the outside world to talk
with each other. The documentation and the corresponding open-source
code repositories are based on Joe Armstrong’s original UBF site and
code with an MIT license file added to the distribution. Since then, a
large number of enhancements and improvements have been added.

What's New in UBF 2.0

- The syntax for UBF(b) has been modified to align closer (but not
  identical) with Erlang's native type and spec declarations defined
  by EEP8.  A subset of EEP8 types are now available as UBF(b) builtin

- The UBF(b) builtin types +proplist()+ and +string()+ have been
  renamed to +ubfproplist()+ and +ubfstring()+, respectively.

- An Erlang "header" file corresponding to each UBF(b) contract is
  automatically created in an application's ebin directory.  This file
  contains Erlang type, spec, and record declarations that can be
  included by a UBF(b) contract's implementation module or by other
  Erlang modules.

- The API and internal implementation of UBF's contract parser,
  contract manager, contract driver, and contract plugin handler has
  changed (in some places).

For further information and instructions to download, please see the
https://github.com/ubf/ubf repository on GitHub.

For detailed documentation, please see the
http://ubf.github.com/ubf/ubf-user-guide.en.html documentation on GitHub.


Joe N.

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