[erlang-questions] PropEr and determinism of statem scenario execution

Magnus Henoch magnus@REDACTED
Fri Nov 23 17:48:29 CET 2012

Paul Peregud <paulperegud@REDACTED> writes:

> The problem - I don't have a control over schedulers. That leads to
> scenarios that MAY OR MAY NOT fail. And that causes problems with
> shrinking. As a result after a night of crunching scenarios on a fast
> machine I get a test case of 70 steps that is impossible to debug, because
> it is too large. When I repeat this test case using proper:check/2, it
> fails very seldom.

Have a look at this presentation:


Solutions 1 and 2 should be usable with PropEr (require failing test
cases to fail consistently, and shrink commands to sleeps), though
solution 3 would be specific to Quviq Quickcheck.


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